In Photos: Green groups deliver love letters to presidential aspirants

By OeconoMedia

April 23, 2022

Pro-environment groups have handed over ‘love letters’ from the Filipino youth to the headquarters of presidential candidates in Metro Manila on April 21. 

The delivery of love letters, which is part of the ‘Love, 52 youth and elections campaign’ activity, is led by various youth organizations and Greenpeace. 

The event aimed to “ensure climate justice and climate action” is included in the next administration’s top agenda. 

Marinel Ubaldo, advocacy officer of Living Laudato Si Philippines said the love letters that the young people had written are “a manifestation that [we] care and we are taking the lead in making sure that we have a safer future.” 

“This activity is a reminder to the voters that we should not only vote for ourselves, but for the future of our children and the youth,” said Ubaldo, adding that the climate crisis is non-partisan.

“Whoever wins will play a great responsibility in acting to save our dying planet.”

During the event, the groups called on presidential candidates to protect vulnerable communities and “ensure that the country’s next generation will not experience the worst impacts of the climate crisis.” 

In a statement, the groups urged politicians “to stand for inclusive, transparent and inspired models of governance that are fully accountable to people, and which protect and strengthen democratic processes and institutions.” 

Cris Jamil Hertez of the group Better Normal Youth Movement said this year’s election “poses a gross lack of discourse on the climate crisis — at a time when scientists around the world are standing up for climate justice.”

“Meanwhile, typhoons continue to claim lives, homes, and livelihood. We can’t keep playing catch-up with our climate; our future leaders must listen to the youth,” Hertez added. 

Carmela Adelantar of the National Society of Parliamentarians, Inc. said the present and future generations of young Filipinos “have the most to lose if our next leaders still choose to sit idly by.”

She urged the national government to “hold the world’s biggest polluters accountable” for the crisis that the country is facing and “come up with coherent plans that will at least help us stay alive beyond the next decade.”

All photos by Basilio Sepe/Greenpeace

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