40% of Filipinos say their quality of life ‘worse than before’

March 7, 2022

At least 40 percent of Filipinos who responded to a survey done by independent pollster Social Weather Stations (SWS) in December said their quality of life has worsened.

The survey results, which were released on Sunday, March 6, showed that 24 percent of the respondents said their lives got better while 36 percent said it remains unchanged compared to a year ago.

The national Social Weather Survey was done on December 12-16, 2021, and found that 40 percent of adult Filipinos said their quality of life was worse than twelve months before.

The survey question on the respondents’ assessment of their change in quality of life in the past 12 months has been fielded 143 times since April 1983, according to SWS.

The 40 percent whose lives worsened were referred to by the SWS as the “losers” while those whose lives improved were the “gainers.”

The net gainer score, or the percent of gainers minus the percent of losers, is -16 which is classified as mediocre.

The net gainer score recorded in December is 28 points higher from the -44 in September 2021, but still 34 points below the 18 points in December 2019.

“The 28-point rise in the national Net Gainer score between September 2021 and December 2021 was due to improvements in all areas, especially in Metro Manila and Mindanao,” said the SWS.

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