Troubled waters: Residents accuse contractors of using dredging project to mine black sand

Cagayan Governor Manuel Mamba Sr. adamantly denied that the contractors are mining black sand in the town of Aparri

Troubled Waters: Aparri fisherfolk suffer poor aramang catch as gov’t dredging project begins

A project meant to help restore a major river in Aparri has wreaked havoc on the livelihood of local fisherfolk

IN PHOTOS: “Gutom na po” – Surigao City survivors call for relief in Odette aftermath

Thousands of residents in Surigao City call for help as their basic human rights – food, water, shelter – are in scarce supply following Typhoon Odette and the worsening climate crisis.

The water turns dark where the river meets the sea in Cagayan

“We are against the way dredging is being implemented. It is irresponsible… We are against the deception and the lies that will hasten the dredging operation.”

IN PHOTOS: Filipino climate activists in Manila and Glasgow march to demand justice and concrete ecological action

Today marks the 8th anniversary of the devastation of Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. More than a thousand people are still missing. 


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