About OeconoMedia

Oikonomos (Greek: οἰκονόμος, from oiko- ‘house’ and -nomos ‘rule, law’), latinized oeconomus or œconomus, was an Ancient Greek word meaning ‘household manager’.

As Stewards of the planet, we listen, tell, and act on real stories of our Common Home and the Peoples’ struggles.

OeconoMedia is a faith-based news platform that produces and distributes original reporting about the environment, the climate crisis, and the global Laudato Si campaign of the Catholic Church.

We are committed to evidence-based, conflict-sensitive, and solutions journalism. Our brand of reporting gives more weight to the most vulnerable, most abandoned, and the least in society because it is rooted in Laudato Si and the Catholic social teachings.

The Inception

In June 2021, the lay-lead organization Living Laudato Si Asia (LLS) established the Laudato Si Information and Media Resource Center (LSIMRC).

The center is tasked to gather up-to-date and relevant information about various social and environmental issues, the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities, and the responses of different sectors to combat the climate crisis. Under LSIMRC is the online news platform www.oeconomedia.org.

The creation of the program (LSIMRC) and its platform (OeconoMedia) is a response to the call of the Catholic Church to mainstream environmental headlines and popularize Laudato Si – Pope Francis’ encyclical on the “Care for Our Common Home.”

It is also a response to the need to advance environmental and climate communication in Asia and in the Philippines.

During a dialogue between the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines – National Laudato Si Program (CNLSP) core group and the representatives from different Catholic media organizations on June 7, 2021, it was revealed that the environment, biodiversity, water, energy, and the climate emergency are the least discussed topics, not only in the dominant media but also in church-based news entities.

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