An open letter to Juan dela Cruz, the voter

You deserve better. We deserve better. But we cannot just let somebody else solve our problems. The time is long overdue for you to stop being enamored by this romanticized dream that never existed. Wake up!

Earth Day is to Protect and Celebrate Life

Most people are unaware and do not appreciate the complexity of the interdependence of all life forms on earth of which the human species is an intimate part and whose destinies are intertwined with global warming and life together on the earth. Too many humans are bent on killing the other species and each other. 

Which candidates are most aligned with CBCP eco-actions?

We deserve better leaders than the ones we have now, currently in office or those running for it. Yet whatever happens after May 9, we still have the climate crisis and environmental decline to address. We need to invest in our sustainable future. That starts with voting wisely.

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