Faith-based group calls for stronger heat safety measures amid rising temperatures

April 12, 2024

The Church People-Workers Solidarity (CWS) is advocating for stronger heat safety measures to protect workers from the adverse effects of climate change amid escalating heat indices across the nation.

The group urged employers and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to implement critical changes to ensure worker safety.

“Hot temperatures and low compliance with occupational safety and health standards make workers more vulnerable to heat-related illnesses such as heat strokes,” said Bishop Gerardo Alminaza, chairperson of CWS.

CWS has endorsed the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Development’s (IOSHD) “10 heat safety demands.” 

These demands include paid heat breaks, company-led education campaigns on preventing heat-related illnesses, and the provision of shaded rest areas and adequate water supplies.

Further measures include the adjustment of work hours, regular health check-ups for workers, and the enforcement of temperature-appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). 

The group also emphasized the importance of worker consultations to develop effective and practical workplace safety strategies.

Bishop Alminaza echoed Pope Francis’s stance highlighting the intrinsic link between the dignity of work and worker safety. 

He stressed that ensuring safe working conditions is not only a matter of human dignity but also essential for enhancing the quality and creativity of workers’ output.

The prelate reiterated the need for decisive action from both governmental bodies and private sectors to safeguard the well-being of workers during these challenging times.

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