Green group calls on government to protect watershed in Panay

January 30, 2024

The Protect Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park Coalition urged the government to reject the expansion of a wind farm that threatens watersheds in Panay Island. 

The group said the second phase of the Nabas Wind Power Project of PetroWind Energy Inc. covers three watersheds – Nabaoy, Napaan, and Unidos. 

It said that the expansion site is part of the ridge divide between the Nabaoy Watershed and Napaan Watershed (WTG 19 and WTG 20) and the separation of the Nabaoy Watershed and Unidos Watershed (WTG 20 to WTG 25). 

“The roads connecting the WTG sites are placed on ridges, exposing the three watersheds to the threats of erosion and siltation. The danger of siltation in the Nabaoy WS during the construction of NWPP2 is present,” the group said. 

According to the group, an investigation conducted by the Sangguniang Bayan Malay committee, the Nabaoy River Watershed “is currently exposed to higher risks at six WTG sites and approximately 1.8 km of road construction”.

The group also claimed that residents of Nabaoy village are “united in their call to stop the project”. It added that throughout the consultations conducted by the Office of the Mayor of Malay, “it also became apparent that almost all stakeholders are against the project”. 

“Malaynons and Akeanons are well aware that the Napaan River Watershed was damaged during phase one, and the company has yet to be held accountable,” it said. 

The group urged the public to support the call to protect the water sources of Boracay Island and mainland Malay. 

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