Marcos Jr. urged to save Masungi Geopark 

June 6, 2024

A petition with 10,000 signatures reached the Malacañang Palace on World Environment Day, urging President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to protect the Masungi Geopark Project (MGP). 

This critical environmental project faces the threat of cancellation, jeopardizing important national and international environmental efforts.

Environmental activists urged Marcos Jr. and Environment Secretary Ma. Antonia Yulo-Loyzaga to support MGP, a project recognized by institutions such as the United Nations, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the International Ranger Federation, and the World Economic Forum.

“The Masungi Geopark symbolizes our global environmental commitment. Terminating it would breach our international agreements and hinder our national climate and biodiversity initiatives,” the petition read.

Situated in the Upper Marikina Watershed, the MGP is pivotal for reforestation that safeguards Metro Manila and Rizal Province from natural calamities. 

Managed by the Masungi Georeserve Foundation Inc., the initiative has rehabilitated 2,000 hectares of forest and involves around 100 local rangers in conservation roles.

The project contends with challenges from quarry operations, land grabbing, and political obstacles. The petition called on the government to address these issues through transparent dialogue and collaboration instead of discontinuing the project.

“On this World Environment Day, as we address land restoration and drought resilience, we implore the government to renew its commitment to environmental conservation by supporting the Masungi Geopark Project,” said Christian Mataverde of Tanay Youth Vote.

The MGP, which spans 2,700 hectares, plays a vital role in transforming degraded areas into flourishing ecosystems, according to advocates.

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