Pope Francis calls for spiritual harmony amid technological progress and global challenges

September 4, 2023

Pope Francis has called on religious leaders to provide spiritual balance in the face of technological progress and to address global issues such as environmental problems and social injustices.

The pontiff made the statement during his meeting with leaders and representatives of Shintoism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Shamanism, and other Christian denominations in Mongolia on Sunday.

He underscored the role of religions in offering harmony and spirituality to counterbalance the unceasing advancement of technology.

“The religions are called to offer the world this harmony, which technological progress alone cannot bestow, since it risks forgetting heaven, for which we were made,” said Pope Francis. 

He urged religious leaders to unite in sharing their wisdom and enriching humanity, which often veers off course due to a singular focus on profit and material comfort.

Pope Francis pointed out that humanity’s preoccupation with earthly interests had led to environmental destruction, social injustices, conflicts, and disregard for human life. 

He called for a return to spiritual values to guide people towards a more balanced and just world.

The pontiff stressed the role of religions in promoting compassion, empathy, and responsibility toward the planet and its inhabitants.

As the world faces climate change, poverty, and ongoing conflicts, Pope Francis underscored the importance of maintaining a spiritual perspective to guide humanity’s future in an increasingly technologically driven world.

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