Pope Francis urges nations to ‘respect the humanity’ of migrants

November 29, 2021

Pope Francis on November 28 appealed to governments to bring out concrete solutions and put an end to the sufferings of migrants.

“I renew my heartfelt appeal to those who can contribute to the resolution of these problems, especially civil and military authorities, so that understanding and dialogue may finally prevail over any kind of instrumentalization,” the pontiff said during the Sunday Angelus prayer. 

On November 24, at least 27 people died trying to reach British shores in the English Channel between France and the United Kingdom.

NBC News reported British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was “shocked, appalled and deeply saddened by the loss of life at sea.”

“My thoughts are with the victims and their families,” he said. Johnson called on countries “to step up, work together and do everything we can to stop these gangs (smugglers) who are getting away with murder.” 

The daily number of people who cross the English Channel on small boats reached record numbers, according to reports.

On November 11 alone, there were some 1,185 migrants who reportedly crossed the channel and arrived in the U.K.

“How very many migrants are exposed, even during these days, to great dangers, and how many lose their lives at our borders! I feel sorrow hearing the news about the situation in which so many of them find themselves,” said Pope Francis. 

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